Our Cats

We are a fairly new cattery located in Cork Ireland. We have two females and one male (who is joining our family in July) which are living with us in our family home.

Our Queens and King



Date of Birth 27 January 2021
SIRE: Daft of Rechitsa
DAM: Lizzie of Alterhouse *PL
Nick name: Doughnut

Anastasia is so loving and friendly and she is so smart! She can fetch, loves to give high fives when she sees her favorite treats. But most of all she loves to give cuddles at 5 am as this is her favorite time to wake the whole house up. She is Scandinavian line with green eyes and bit darker coat and she is quite petit. She loves to get dressed; she is our little fashionista.


Date of Birth 10 January 2022
SIRE: IC (International Champion) Gryf Minora*PL
DAM: IC (International Champion) Dzipsi Barwny Kot*PL
Nick Name: Chloe

Oxianna is the brave one 😉 from the very beginning she was very outgoing and adventurous. On the first day we met her she walked into our house like she owned it. She is a American line, her coat is very bright and she has gorgeous bright Lazure eyes. What a character she has! She loves to participate in all the house work and is not afraid to jump in a sink full of water while her human is doing the dishes 😀

Russian blue cat ireland


Date of Birth 06 April 2022
SIRE: CH (Champion) Per Kiss Cattleya*PL
DAM: All Carski Bleki*PL
Nick Name: Roggy

Roger is our newest family addition. This beautiful stud is Scandinavian line, his biggest characteristic are big ears and light grey coat. He is a real heartbreaker  ❤

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